Saturday, August 16, 2008

Crazy summer

It has been hard to keep up with this summer. From picking berries to freeze for the winter, attending Cub Scout Day Camp with Joshua and 9 other boys, and trying to build the business, it feels like we have been doing a lot.

We finally have the start to a website that is functional. We have been working with a woman who is a great web designer, and we are going to refinish her table. If you want to see what it looks like, you can check it out at

We have had a lot of projects going on. We refinished an outdoor sofa, and made several planter boxes for a woman up in Washougal. She is a teacher, and traded part of the value for her work in school supplies for the kids, so we have them all ready to go. I am going to put them in their backpacks this weekend. Then I won't have to think about it until school starts.

We also got a lot of wood at a great price from The Joinery. They sell their "ends" which are usually a foot to 3 feet long. It is all hardwood, and there is some beautiful things in there. We also got a good deal on some poplar, and will be using it to make bookshelves. We are hoping to make quite a few sets between now and Christmas.

It is hot here, and so I have been staying inside for the last few days. Now that the kids are back, I have a feeling I will be getting out more. If you haven't checked out our staycation blog, you should. you can just click on my profile, and it shows up in the list, along with Joshua's blog.

Hope everyone is staying cool!!