Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Update - The PICC line is in!! Woohoo!!

It seemed like it was time for an update. I am 9 weeks pregnant, and thrilled to be expecting one (1) baby. It has been a difficult pregnancy so far, but I am excited to be adding to our family, and I know that by the time I hold our son or daughter, this will all be a faint memory.

Today I had a PICC line put in. It is basically a permanent IV, and will stay in until the baby is born. I was having to go in to get fluids at least 3 times a week, and they were beginning to run out of IV sites. While it was kind of painful to have put in, it shouldn't hurt much after the bruising goes down and the insertion site heals more. It was much easier to get the fluids today, and it was nice to know that tomorrow they will just have to hook up the fluid bags without any poking around. (Although they will have to change the dressing tomorrow, but then it will jsut be once a week that they have to change it.)

We are going to see Christina this weekend, and while I am kind of nervous about our first meeting, I am also really looking forward to it. I hope that our pregnanies will be something to bond over, even if she does think it kind of weird that she will have a half-sibling who is younger than her daughter. It is nice that she is qualified to do the infusions while we are there, otherwise I am not sure my doctor would have let me go. When I talked to her about it today, she was pretty unsure about me going. The fact that I will still be able to get fluids is about all that made her say okay, even if it was still grudgingly.