Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The garden continues to grow

Michael earned major husband points over the weekend by tearing out a bush that was blocking the sun to the garden, and was just plain ugly. Now we have more room for another raised garden, and the plants are growing even faster since they get more sun.

I am still amazed at how many bean and pea plants we have. I have given away over 100 starts of each, and I still have about another 40 of each to thin out.

The kids are truly loving helping to water the garden. They aren't very good at pulling weeds, but they love to help water the growing plants. They are pretty disappointed when it rains. Sarah and Kathleen say is it God watering the plants when it rains, but they are almost wistful, like they think he is taking away the best part of the garden. lol

The lettuce is growing well too. I actually pulled up another head of lettuce for a salad for dinner. It is so nice to have fresh, crisp lettuce that tastes good. The kids always drown it in ranch dressing, but at least they are eating it.

On the right-hand side you can see the carrot row, and I am going to need to thin it again this weekend.

On the left-hand side you can see some of our very healthy tomato plants. All 7 of them already have a number of buds on them, and we have had to put cages around 5 of them already.

This doesn't look like much, yet. It is one of the two potato beds I planted. They are not raised beds, and are in a part of the yard that I haven't done much with. I am hoping that by being fairly far away from the rest of the garden that the potatoes wont' take over. I am not sure how well they will grow. All the potatoes I planted were ones that had started sprouting because I didn't' fix them fast enough. So, we will see if the fingerling potatoes and the Yukon golds turn into yummy dinners later in the summer and fall.

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