Saturday, July 31, 2010

I love you Maddy!

Moist kisses given with love and a little teeth
Admiring glances at long eyelashes and bright smile
Delicate fingers and toes that curl at a touch
Elegant yawns that signal it is time for a nap
Lingering snuggles to bunnies and kittens
Ingenious ways to open a drawer, climb a chair or hide the keys
"Naughty" running to remind everyone she is there
Exhaustion hits and she needs her Seahorse and Snuggle Blanket

Kindness to the elderly man at church, dying of cancer
Original dance moves when we listen and move to Taylor Swift
Pointy teeth, breaking through the gums, filling out her smile
Obvious love for her brother, sisters, parents and grandparents
Nipping around a corner to check and see who is at the door
Insisting on her favorite foods, and nothing else
Calmly rubbing her eyes, nodding her head "Yes" that she wants to go to sleep
Kicking off her covers and announcing to the world that she is ready to start the day

I love you Maddy!



Kathy Haynie said...

Oh, how we miss you! Sweet dreams, Maddy!

Ange said...

we love you, too Maddy!

Anonymous said...

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