Friday, January 7, 2011

Corporate Clothes

It has been so long since I had to work, that it is a little intimidating going on job interviews. Maybe the hardest part for me is coordinating outfits, out of what I have left that fits me. All of my suit jackets still fit, but most of the pants I used to wear with them are too big, if I can find them. I have a couple of skirts that match, but really don't want to wear skirts when it is cold out, at least not more than I have to.

So, other than buying a bunch of new stuff, which I can't afford, anyone have any great ideas how to look more "corporate" on a budget? Do I just buy one new pair of pants and try to mix it with everthing else? Does fit really matter and should I try to get the old pants "resized?"

I have five interviews in the next 6 days. I am excited, but also a little intimidated. Hopefully not being too confident will be an asset, since I really do need a job!

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Kathy Haynie said...

Nice black pants. They look classy and go with everything. Either that or a dark gray.