Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Joshua's talk from last Sunday

I am going to tell you about Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, and my testimony. Joseph Smith prayed to Heavenly Father, and saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. They answered his prayers, and told him none of the churches on the earth at that time were true. Later, Angel Moroni visited Joseph. Over the years Joseph was given the gold plates, and then he translated them through the power of the priesthood. He also received many revelations for the church.
We should all read the Book of Mormon. The true things taught in the Book of Mormon will help us make good decisions. We can learn a lot from the prophets in the Book of Mormon to help us know what we should do. Those prophets saw our day, and knew we would be reading their words.
Our church is built of the gospel truths that are contained in the Book of Mormon and that have been revealed to modern day prophets. Joseph Smith was the first of the modern day prophets, and he taught us that God still speaks to men on earth. He also showed us that if we have sincere questions, that God wants us to ask Him for answers, and that He will give us answers when we ask.
There is no problem that we have that Heavenly Father can’t help us with. When I follow the example of Joseph Smith, and have faith that my prayers will be answered, it brings me closer to Heavenly Father and strengthens my testimony.


Mike said...

What a nice talk it was. He did a great job delivering it and was very clear when he spoke.

Kathy Haynie said...

True thoughts! Pondering the principles and truths in the Book of Mormon has helped me make many decisions in my life. I, too, am thankful for Joseph Smith.