Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Middle of the night ramble.....

Okay, it is 2 am, I got Maddy back to sleep half an hour ago, and I still can't sleep. I know I am just wired because we have a hearing on Wednesday, but that doesn't make the falling asleep any easier. After staring at the ceiling for a while, I decided to check a few blogs, and then to write a quick post.

So, for all of you thinking about it, please pray that the judge who hears our case will make a wise decision and be guided by the Lord. We honestly have no idea what the final outcome will be, but it will affect our family, our children, and the lives of a number of people, so we want the right thing to happen. We didn't go into it by choice, we tried to come to an agreement without having to put it before a judge, but the other side wanted a hearing, and didn't want to negotiate, so we weren't left with much of a choice. There won't really be any winners, so I just hope it is a decision that lets everyone move forward in the ways that the Lord desires.

Maddy has a new "food." She now gets thickened coconut milk as a daytime "food" in her bottle. After she has a week or two to get used to it, we will help her learn to drink out of a cup with it. She has been growing so well, that her nutritionist finally feels that we have enough of a "weight cushion" to be able to replace some of the volume that she has gotten from breast milk with the coconut milk. Since there is about 10 calories an ounce in coconut milk, as opposed to 20 calories per ounce in breast milk, we couldn't try this when every single ounce of intake was needed to keep her from losing weight.

For the official announcement, Maddy was 17 pounds and 10 ounces today. That is up to the 8th percentile, which is really good for her. She also went up another 1/4 inch and is now almost 27 3/4 inches. She is finally starting to have a little bit of baby fat. She is in no danger of being considered chunky, but she does have a roll on her thighs, which is beautiful to see.

I won't be on until we get home Wednesday night. We have to go to Bend for the hearing, and since there is snow on the passes, and more supposed to come down tomorrow and Wednesday, we are going to Bend tomorrow afternoon, and then staying the night. It will be the first time we will have been away from Maddy overnight (one of us stayed with her every night she was in the hospital) and I am very glad that Anna agreed to watch her. I have no worries for Maddy, and I know she will have so much fun she will hardly notice we are gone. The big kids get to go to a favorite friend's house too, so they are thrilled to be rid of us for a night.

Ahhhhh....to be young again.....

Well, my eyes are getting heavy, and I think I am ready to look at the insides of my eyelids. Night all!


Kathy Haynie said...

Yes, you are in our prayers for sure--safe trip, and the best possible outcome for all in a difficult decision. I am SO proud of you for your commitment to providing the breast milk for Maddy all this time. No fun to be (almost) constantly hooked to a pump. Someday all those hours will come back to you, tenfold.

JuliaKoponick said...

Some days I just wish to have the pumping done, but I never seriously have considered stopping. Yes, it takes a lot of time and commitment, but there really is no other option for Maddy. I couldn't do it without Michael's help. He keeps the pump parts clean for me, which does make it easier to keep going!