Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sleepless Nights

"Motherhood brings as much joy as ever, but it still brings boredom, exhaustion, and sorrow too. Nothing else ever will make you as happy or as sad, as proud or as tired, for nothing is quite as hard as helping a person develop his own individuality especially while you struggle to keep your own." - Marguerite Kelly and Elia Parsons

A friend posted this quote on Facebook, and I promptly "stole" it.

Maddy has been up several times tonight, and for whatever reason, my body just refuses to go back to sleep now. It is partly because my liver hurts, partly because I have had several things on my mind lately, and a lot to do because at some point my body seems to decide that if we are getting up and down with Maddy that much, we might as well just stay up.

I hate to admit it, but I am less cranky this way than when I get snatches of sleep that are less than an hour at a time. Luckily I will most likely get to take a nap tomorrow, so I will catch up on some of it. Michael has a harder time doing that, so I try to be the one who gets up at night with Maddy, whenever possible. Some nights I bake banana bread or make truffles when I reach this point. Sometimes I read, or write. Occasionally I will go outside and watch the stars for fifteen minutes if I am pretty sure Maddy will sleep that long.

It is always a little dicey the next day, but some days, and nights, are just like that.


Kathy Haynie said...

So true. Sleep deprivation stinks. On the other hand, it's just sleep. I remind myself that I can still breathe; I'm not drowning or buried or on fire. But it's still hard, and some nights, it's just part of mothering. Hang in there.

Stacy Davis said...

Hey Julia- What a great spirit you have about losing sleep for the benefit of your little girl. I was actually just thinking last night how long it has been since I have gotten up in the night and how I miss that time when you have your little one all to yourself without interruption. Hope you have a great day and get feeling caught up!