Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Craziness of Moving

Instead of whining about all the craziness, mishaps and frustrating things that come along with moving, I figured I would share some of the sillier moments of our move over the last ten days. In the picture above you can see me just home from church, we are in a new ward which so far we love, in shoes that had a heel break about halfway through church. Of well, I made it through church and still had a smile on my face. (The shoes went in the trash right after this picture!)

Unpacking boxes that you didn't pack took on special fun for Scott when he ended up with a bunch of hats and scarves he didn't know he owned. In a fit of laughter we took pictures, and then decided to create a "snow stuff" box that we can pull out when the snow starts to fly next fall/winter.

All of the kids have been a big help during the time that we have had them. Kat especially wanted to check the top of the basketball hoop to make sure there weren't any items that had been missed. They also were a big help with picking out gloves to help move wood. So far the gloves are still in their packaging, but I am sure they will get plenty of use over the next year.

Michelle, at the end of a long packing day let me put pigtails in her hair while she was talking to Lanie. Lanie gets huge "best friend points" for keeping all of us sane as we each needed a sounding board when things got frustrating. I only wish he got to be here for more of the hilarious giggles that erupt when we are all tired and something strikes us as funny. We will have to save up lots of funny things for July when he is here!!

So, yes it has been a long, hard slog to get everything from three houses sorted and moved and we are still working on integrating all of the households. Today though, I wanted to focus on the fun that can happen, even in the middle of long days filled with stress. I think that is where we truly find moments of pure joy!

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Kathy Haynie said...

I'm glad you can smile amid the challenges and stress!