Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Shout Out to Cake Wrecks

You know how some mornings it is hard to get going? Or you wake up in a funk and you just aren't sure if it is worth getting out of bed, never mind taking a shower, brushing your teeth, blow drying your hair and presenting yourself to the world? (No this morning wasn't like that, but I certainly have my days.) Well, one of the things that helps put a smile on my face, and pushes me into the absurd world that has become my life, is Cake Wrecks.

What you may ask is Cake Wrecks? It is a collection of the craziest and most beautiful cakes ever. But mostly it is a collection of some really bad mistakes made by cake decorators, that can give English teachers nightmares, and make the rest of us smile. I don't think Jenn will mind that I stole a few pictures of my favorites, since really I think you should go to her blog and look at the hundreds, maybe thousands of really badly decorated cakes there. She also tells great stories and has witty comments to go with them. For my favorite, click here.

One more plug, so that she hopefully will find this a good thing and won't sue the pants off me is that I also own her book, (you can buy it here or at any really classy bookstore) which not only I have enjoyed, but it is a good way to keep children entertained on long car rides as they laugh at some, and then ponder over why others are funny.

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Sarah said...

bahahahaha! That cake is hilarious! Some people are ridiculous. I hope those customers got reimbursed. I worked in a bakery in WA. I really loved decorating. Good post!