Friday, May 23, 2008

Cranky day

Well, I think everyone here has had a cranky day. The kids didn't have school, and the weather was rainy and cold. The girls had tutoring this morning, which they enjoyed, but which also wore them out.

Joshua had a chiropractor's appointment, and we finally found out why his knees hurt him so often. He has flat feet. The chiropractor said he really should see an specialist to have insoles made for his feet. His shoes already wear differently, and his legs may be slightly different lengths. Yet another trip to the doctor with the kids. *sigh

Michael has had a tough week at work. His company laid off 10% of the workforce, and there are a lot of "clean up" things that Michael has had to do in conjunction with that. Also, since they laid off the other guy in the IT department, he has a lot more work to do. There has been a lot of tension in general, and we are still hoping that one of the job opportunities he is pursuing will come through soon.

I had a migraine last night, and am still not entirely back up to full strength. Adding to that the fun of keeping track of all the fertility things, and I have been pretty stressed out and cranky too.

So, the whole family has been cranky today. Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

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