Sunday, May 18, 2008

The garden is growing

Well, we have been working on the garden, and are finally starting to see it pay off. I think we might have some of our first lettuce in the next day or so, and the tomato and pepper plants are doing really well.

Michael, Joshua and Sarah planted green beans (bush variety) and peas the night I had to take Kathleen in to the ER to get the bark removed from her eye. So far, we have over 120 pea plants coming up, with more rows not yet up, and over 80 green bean plants currently above ground. I predict some major thinning in another week or two.

So far I have been very pleased with the garden. We had it written into our lease here that we could put in a raised garden, and with the help of the missionaries, and quite a few loads of manure, dirt and sand, it has turned out to be a great investment. The kids love to help plant and water it, and it gives us some great family things to do together. I have never had a garden that was big enough to grow more than one or two things, and while I dont' have a great green thumb, I am lucky that Michael does.

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