Monday, May 19, 2008

Joshua the Great

Joshua and I went to tour Mt. Pleasant today. He has been seeing a counselor who is helping to do some testing and evaluate Joshua. It seems that he has not only problems with attention and processing speed, but also with transitions and repetitive tendencies. (Prayers on his behalf are always appreciated.) So, we went to Mt. Pleasant so he could see their program, and then talk with his counselor about what his best option(s) might be.

He was really excited about Mt. Pleasant, and we spent part of hte tour in the library. Joshua was interested in all the books, but also in how much more light there is at Mt. Pleasant when compared to Jennings Lodge. (The lunch room and library are both in the basement at Jennings Lodge.) He was also impressed that they had a big computer lab and computers in each classroom.

While I have mixed memories of being a student at Mt. Pleasant, I think it is the right place for the kids to be. I am so proud of Joshua for being able to see the areas where he is struggling, and that he is willing to be part of finding ways to address those concerns.


Holly Mayer said...

Julia First I think Josh having a blog is cool. I also think you should be applauded for taking action for your kids needs when they have needed you. Sometimes it can be hard to realize that there is a problem and harder to find solutions. Good Work.

JuliaKoponick said...

It certainly hasn't been an easy process, but not many things about being a mom are. I am glad we are making progress, and that I at least have more information now than I did a year ago. I think Joshua is much more hopeful that it will get better too.