Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Lanie!

To one of my bestest friends ever, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Lanie and I met as online friends, and have become even better friends over the last four years. He lives in Canada, I live in Oregon. He is a bachelor with a crazy work schedule, I am a mom of four kids who is always on the go too. Sometimes I am jealous that Lanie gets more "chat time" with my husband Michael, but since Michael is not a big scrabble buff, I get all the online scrabble games.

A few years ago we were chatting online in the middle of the night when I felt prompted to share the gospel with Lanie. It came in a huge rush of typing, and I know that the Holy Ghost did more of the teaching than me. At one point in the conversation, I asked him if he was crying too, and if he could feel the Holy Ghost telling him that this was true. He said yes, and then accepted the challenge to go to church, and meet the missionaries. I then spent the next two hours trying to track down which ward he lived in and when their services were. I will never forget that night. I have rarely felt the Spirit speaking that strongly to me, and I am sure I have never been able to explain the gospel so clearly and concisely.

Lanie was baptized several months later. I wish I had been able to be there, but almost as soon as he got home, Lanie called and told me, and Michael, all about the service, and how he felt when he was baptized. Michael was taking the discussions at the same time Lanie was, and they both were a support to each other in understanding the gospel. When Lanie's mother died a little while ago, we kept in contact through text messages and phone calls. I prayed for him and his family all through the service, even though I couldn't be there.

There are lots of events in my family that Lanie is part of, even though he lives far away. The kids love to chat using the web-cam, and Lanie was one of the first people I call when something great happens. I am honored that Lanie considers me his friend and confidant. I am proud of how much stronger and happier a person he is, and I am grateful to have a friend who always believes in me.

I don't know when we will finally get to meet in person, but I know that if we both were to die today, that we would recognize each others spirits when we got to the other side. He truly is one of my kindred spirits.

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