Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Joshua's birthday wishlist

I am NOT sharing this because I want anyone to feel like they need to get Joshua a present. I just think that his birthday wish list is so very much like the funny, intelligent and eclectic person that he is, and I thought that those who know and love him might find that it puts a smile on their face.

Joshua told me several things he is hoping to get for his birthday. His list is:
** Spending the night at a friend's house (I think this is pretty focused on a particular friend...he even told me it would be coolest if he got a hand made gift certificate for that. lol)
** Hiking boots
** A gift certificate to play his Pokemon game (He has a VERY complicated Pokemon game that takes so long, no one ever really wants to play it. He pointed out several times that this would not cost anything for someone to do.)
** A Webelos book and handkerchief and neck slide
** Powell's gift certificate or trip to go book shopping (He told me specifically that getting to go to Powell's without any other siblings would be super-cool!)
** A soccer ball (He specified a black and white one, and then said he didn't want to be too picky if a colored one was on sale. lol)

It is always interesting to see what will come up on his wish list this year. I think my favorite thing about making the list with him was hearing his reasoning and side comments about why he wanted something, or how he thought it would be affordable for someone. It is nice to know he isn't just thinking about what he wants, but that he is also aware of our budget limitations, and those of other people.


Kathy Haynie said...

A great list - I'm looking forward to hiking with Josh this summer!

Kathy Haynie said...

...but that Pokemon game kills me off every time!!

Kacie said...

Is this the normal pokemon collectible card game(magic-the-gathering-with-a-japanese-twist-for-children?) or a different pokemon game?

If I was closer I'd play the pokemon card game with him! I know how he feels, no one around here wants to play magic the gathering with me!

Anyway, that's an awesome list! I'm glad to hear he's excited about webelos!