Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What a beautiful glass

In reading the Ensign this month, a particular quote jumped out at me. It is in an article about the Saints in the Phillipeans, who had three natural disasters in less than a month. It talks of the love and service given by members, many of whom were affected by at least one of the natural disaster themselves, for the people affected by other natural disaster.

Elder Benson Misalucha, and Area Seventy in the Philippines Area said that rather than looking at the glass as being half empty or half full, most Phillipenos "look at the glass and say: "Well, it is a great glass, even if there is no water."

So, that is my goal, to make sure no matter how difficult life may be, to look at my life and say, "Well, it is a great life, no matter what may be added or missing that I might really like. I will enjoy this life, learn from this life, and become a better person, because I was blessed with such a beautiful life."


Mark Haynie said...

Glass is made out of common sand. Amazing what a little fire can do to make something beautiful. Now a human being is so much better!

TrueLeah said...

Julia, thank you for the reminder to count our blessings and look for the good in life!
Mark, I love your comment! It's so True that our challenges make us stronger! We have to look for that light at the end of the tunnel! Thanks!