Friday, December 24, 2010

Tutorial: How to make Pie Crust Cookies

Things you will need for this project:

1) Pie crust - Use your own recipe, or go here for a basic recipe that is yummy.
2) Melted butter
3) Cinnamon
4) Brown Sugar

Baking sheet
Rolling pin
Brush (for brushing butter on your cookies)
Plastic bag
Cooling rack

Don't you hate it when you make beautiful pie crusts, they are all ready to go, and you look in the bowl, and there is still pie crust. You don't need it for your pies, but you really don't want to throw it away. Well, the perfect small treat to make with it is: pie crust cookies.

Take the last of the pie crust dough and roll it out. You want it about the thickness of a regular pie crust, or maybe a little bit thicker.

Once it is rolled out, get out your cookie cutter and cut out the shape(s). I suggest a smaller shape so that the crust is less likely to crumble or fall apart on you.

After you have them cut out and put on a baking sheet (I lightly greased it with butter flavored baking spray), then brush a fairly thick coat of melted butter onto the crust.

You then can start putting on the cinnamon and sugar mixture. I don't put it quite out to the edge, since the butter will help it spread out as it cooks.

To make it easy I mix the cinnamon and brown sugar in a bag, and then just shake it up. This is a snack size bag. For 13 cookies I used 4 tablespoons of brown sugar and a teaspoon of cinnamon.

Once all of your cookies are covered with the brown sugar and cinnamon, you are ready to bake them. Depending on how hot your oven is, you may want to play around some with the cooking time. In my old oven it took 5 minutes at 400 degrees, but today when I made them in my mom's oven, it took 7 minutes at 400 degrees.

When you pull them out of the oven, let them sit on the pan for about 5 minutes before you move them. Moving them too early tends to make them crumble and fall apart.

Once the cookies have cooled for 5 minutes, you can transfer them to a cooling rack. Another 5 minutes and they are ready to eat!

I think it goes without saying that you do not have to make pie crusts first. You can make a whole batch of pie crust cookies, instead of making some of the dough actually into pie crusts.

If you aren't going to eat these cookies the same day, I suggest putting them in a Ziploc bag, about an hour after they come out of the oven. If you put them in sooner, they tend to get soggy.

Happy Holidays to all! I hope you enjoy making these. Feel free to link up with your pie crust cookies, or just leave a comment to tell me how they turned out, or what shapes you and/or your kids made!


Kathy Haynie said...

I always hate throwing away the extra pie crust. Thank you for a good idea!

Donna M. said...

I've done something similar but I used ready made crusts. I made cinnamon/sugar (I used white instead of brown) and cut the crusts into 'tortilla chip' shapes and baked as you did. I've also done these cut in strips.