Saturday, December 4, 2010

Update on Free Money - What I got....

I went to two different Hallmark stores yesterday, and used one of the coupons, found here, at each store. I went with two friends, and it was a lot of fun to browse through the stores and see all of the things they had on display for the holidays.

At one of the stores I got wrapping paper. I got 2 rolls that would usually be $4.99 each, for $.98. How did I do it? Well, until Christmas Eve, Hallmark is running a special of buy one roll, get one for $.99. So, with my $5 off any purchase of $5 or more coupon, I only owed $.98. I thought this was an especially good deal because they really did have a good selection of wrapping papers and the paper was heavy duty, not like the stuff I got at a Black Friday sale that rips when I try to wrap anything with sharp corners.

At the second store I got hallmark holiday stickers (2 packs at $2.00 each) one of "last year's" ornaments that was marked down from $5.99 to $1.00, a gold and silver bag with leaves and acorns on it that was in the 50% off section because it was officially a Thanksgiving item (making it $.49), and a handmade hazelnut truffle ($1.75 and so worth the price). My total after using the $5 off coupon was $2.24.

I am taking a friend and her children out today to use some coupons, and then my mom and I are going out this afternoon so we can get more of the wrapping paper. We might even talk my dad into going with us, if we are lucky, and get 6 rolls of paper for less than $3.00.

Gotta love a good coupon, especially when you can combine it with a good sale!!

Did you use the coupon? What did you get?

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Caroline said...

I used my coupon on a bag of cookie dough mix with a cookie cutter attached. It still cost me $3 but we're doing Secret Santa at school and I can give it to her as a gift. I almost did the wrapping paper deal but I have a ton of rolls that I got 75% off last year at Target so really no need for them.

JuliaKoponick said...

That is great!! I am glad that you got a good d3eal on your Secret Santa gift!! :-)

Amanda said...

Thanks for the coupon link! What a good deal on wrapping paper!