Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A season of service - More giveaways - Fudge and a Button Purse

I think that an integral part of the holiday season is service. Many years our family has adopted another family, and then anonymously delivered presents, food and other items to that family. This year our budget is so tight that we had to ask for help getting presents for our children. We were blessed that the church helped us to have two toys for each of the kids, and I have been able to make a number of presents for the children from left over fleece and other fabric.

Even with all of our struggles, the kids have asked who we are adopting this year. We can't afford to do as much as we did before, but we will be taking used toys and other items in good condition to a homeless shelter in our area. There are two families in that shelter, and they have children. I am glad that we will be able to make their holidays a little brighter.

I am going to make hats for each of the children in the families, and for the younger girls, I am going to make a button purse. So, in addition to the fudge give-away, everyone who participates today will be entered in the fudge drawing, and be entered in a drawing for button purse for you or your little one.

To be entered in the button purse drawing, leave a comment telling about how you are serving in your community, and/or how you are going to get your kids involved in serving this holiday season. You can also get additional entries by sharing this on your blog, facebook, or tweeting. Anyone who donates to help us with our small mission will get an extra entry too.

If you would like to donate items that we can deliver when we take items to the homeless shelter, email me at If you are local I will arrange to pick the items up. If you live farther away, I can give you my address to mail items. From talking to the manager of the homeless shelter, they especially need warm items, personal care items (especially soap, razors, toilet paper, shampoo, conditioner, and deodorant), and small toy items that are easy for them to move around when they have to switch shelters.

We will be delivering the items on December 23rd, and I will do the drawing for the button purse that night, so you have lots of time to get your stories and comments posted, or get items to me. If you are local I will get you your button purse to you on December 24th. If I need to mail it, it should be there by New Year's Day!

Don't forget that each comment also counts towards the fudge keep telling your friends! I have decided that each time we have another 100 entries, we will add two more people who will win a fudge package. We are up to a total of 56 entries, so in the next nine days, we could easily have tons of fudge to send out, and lots of holiday spirit shared throughout the world! So, please help spread the news!!


Elizabeth said...

I linked to you again on Facebook! I love the button purse - too cute! :) The hats are adorable, too.

My family always sends items to Samaritan's Purse for Operation Christmas Child. My 5 year-old son loves finding things at the store for the boxes and likes to write little letters to the recipients (along with drawing pictures).

Pauline said...

This year, the church I go to, combined with the youth group, sent 124 Operation Christmas Child Shoe Boxes out - from a group of no more than 50 people including children! We nearly tripled our number from last year, which was awesome!

I'm also going to be linking to you again on Facebook, just for the record.

JuliaKoponick said...

Thanks for spreading the word, and doing just great things to help out other people! Keep spreading the word! So far you have a very good chance of winning the button purse!

Anne-Marie M. said...

My husband and I belong to the local Red Cross Disaster Action team, so we support firefighters at a fire, and we help the displaced family with immediate needs. We also donate platelets with the Red Cross on a regular basis. For the holiday season, we are donating gifts to kids who have been removed from their unsafe home situations, and contributing to local agencies who purchase gifts and household essentials for families who are experiencing difficulties.

And we really enjoy fudge!

JuliaKoponick said...

@Anne Marie - It sounds like you and you husband are both very service oriented. That is so great!!

If you want to sign up as a "follower" on my blog, that will give you another entry for the fudge drawing.

Also, check out today's blog post that has a link to a $5 coupon for Hallmark. You only have to spend $5 to use it, so you could buy a few things for the families you are helping for Christmas!!

Donna M. said...

I love hearing about people sending boxes for Operation Christmas Child :)

I work at a local drug store, and recently we had some 'damaged' fleece blankets (by 'damaged', it really means somebody took the wrapper off). My boss let me buy the stack for $1.00 (it was about 10 blankets) and I sent them to the nursing home where my father is.