Thursday, November 4, 2010

A good hike

Today it was 70 degrees, in November, and so we did what any self-respecting Oregonian would do in those circumstances; we went on a hike. It wasn't a long one, but it was about 2.5 miles of pure enjoyment. The kids did a great job getting their wiggles out, their voices carrying like the little magpies they often are. We got to make sure out night vision still works, since it was dark for the last few minutes of the hike, even though it was only 6:45 pm when we got back to the car. In almost full dark, we still didn't need more than our sweatshirts.

I am tired, and heading to bed, happy to have had a wonderfully beautiful evening. I still can't believe we went for an evening hike, without a winter jacket, in November.

(I will post pictures tomorrow....something is not working in downloading from the camera.)

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Kathy Haynie said...

It was such a beautiful November day!!