Thursday, November 11, 2010

A lonely Veteran's Day

Before I married Michael, I didn't think a lot about Veteran's Day. I had an uncle in the coast guard, and both of my grandfather's had served in the military when they were young, but it didn't affect my life a whole lot.

Since marrying Michael, Veteran's Day has become a time to honor him, and to share stories about his time in the service, with me and with the kids. So, it was hard not to have him here today with us, and not to hear any of his stories.

So, I thought I would share one of my favorite stories that he has told us.

Michael was in charge of a number of logistics things for his base. They were constantly having drills to be ready for any kind of emergency. Part of making those drills "real" was that until the drill was over, only the "top brass" knew for sure that they were a drill. So, one evening Michael got a call from a Colonel telling him that all of the fuel on base had been contaminated, and that he needed to secure a new supply of fuel. Michael made the mistake of asking the colonel if it was a drill or not. The colonel chewed him out and said that it was never a drill, it was always real. So, Michael did exactly what the handbook said to do in that situation.

Within fifteen minutes base security had gone to the nearest town, taken over all of the gas stations there, and started pumping their fuel tanks dry. The tankers from teh base then were to proceed to the base so that there would be sufficient fuel to keep the base going until new fuel supplies could be brought in from a neighboring base. Within a short amount of time Michael was called and told that the fuel supply on base was really okay, and that it was just a drill. I am not sure how they got all the fuel back to the right gas stations, or maybe they just paid them for the gas. Whatever the details, this "drill" and its consequences did not even get mentioned in the local newspapers.

While I know that there are many serious and life threatening things that happen every day in the military, there are also funny stories to share. Each of my family members or friends who has served has shared their own "funniest moments" at one time or another.

I miss my husband, and wish he was here to share this Veteran's Day. Next year, hopefully we will be reunited!!

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