Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Have you voted?

It is election day. I am a political junky. I can admit it. It has been a couple election cycles since I have been really involved in a campaign, although I did take the kids out to put "please vote" door signs on doors in 2008.

So, this year I voted early, but I didn't help with any phone banks, nor did I do anything other than encourage my family and friends to vote. Does that stop me being glued to NPR today? Not a bit. I will keep listening to all of the extra coverage on NPR, and probably on PBS later tonight. I am even wearing my "Vote Nov 4th - Obama * Biden" shirt left over from 2008.

I don't expect to influence the process much beyond my vote, but I love to watch our democracy at work, and this is one of those times that we get to see how power changes in a democracy. I am thankful for peaceful transitions of power. No matter how much I may dislike an election result, I know that no one is going to be out shooting or looting in the streets because their candidate didn't win. Democracy isn't perfect, but it is so much better than the alternative!

So, today I listen as people go to the polls, letting their voices be heard in their votes, and tonight I will be glued to the radio/television to hear what their votes said!!

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