Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Anyone want fudge? - Giveaway!!

So, as I was cutting fudge last night, to send as a birthday present to my son-in-law, I was thinking about how much a little fudge can influence lives. I have taken a small package of fudge to hundreds of people over the years.

Most are people I know and want to let them know I am thinking about them, or to thank them for being a wonderful part of my life. Some are homeless people that I have taken fudge to because I believe in serving those who are struggling. Most years I make a lot of fudge, and while I do eat some of it, most of it I give away.

So, dear readers, are you hungry yet? I hope so! I have decided that I want to give away some of my fudge to those of you out in cyber-land. I will let you choose the flavors you want. I will let you choose if you want two half batches, one whole batch or a quarter batch of three different kinds. They are naturally gluten free, and if you have a nut allergy or need chocolate free fudge, I can accommodate that too.

I know you are thinking, what crazy thing do I have to do to get some of that fudgy yumminess. Well, there are a number of ways to get entered in the drawing.

1) Become a follower of my blog. (If you are already a follower you get one entry automatically.)
2) Post about this on your blog or put a link on facebook, and then leave a comment telling me that you did that!
3) Do some kind of service, bonus points if it includes food, and leave a comment telling me what you did.
4) Comment on any post on my blog between now and December 9th to get extra entries.

I am ending the contest on December 9th for three reasons,
1) It will definitely get to you by Christmas. (I am pretty sure this is true even if you live overseas.)
2) I have to make a bunch of fudge that night for a ward service project.
3) The next day Michael and Maddy will be coming, and I will be much busier for the next week, and I want to make sure everyone gets their fudge.

So, I will pick 3 winners at 8 pm PST on December 9th!!


RoseAnn said...

I followed you over from Cake Wrecks and my mouth is watering at the thought of any fudge but especially free fudge. I imagine free fudge automatically tastes better!

Anne-Marie M. said...

Okay, I'll bite (no pun intended!). I saw your comment on Cake Wrecks this morning, so I wandered over to your site. What wonderful kindness you show to your family, friends, and strangers with your gifts of fudge! A chance at free fudge sounds pretty good, too!

My family and I delivered Meals on Wheels to shut-ins for 10 years - does that count as food-related service? We enjoyed our brief visits with the mostly senior clients, and the people to whom we delivered were very, very grateful for the time we gave. It was a most fulfilling ministry for my husband, children, and I.

Keep up the good work spreading your kindness and talents with others!

NiteNurse said...

Hi Julia! Kudos to you for your creative kindnesses. That's terrific. I too came here via CW. I revel in fudgy and cakey goodness; for my birthday got myself a fudge cake. ;-)

I don't know whether you'll count my food related mission as it is at a basic level part of my job. All the nurses in my Birth Center are trained to give lactation help but I went on to do the 40 hours extra to be a CLC, Certified Lactation Counselor. This past week I gave extra time with one of my patients in the middle of the night. A first time mom with her baby was being treated elsewhere and she was getting discouraged about pumping; with encouragement she persevered. Then the baby came to our unit and Mom was
able to continue breast feeding. Mom and baby were happy so I was too.

Pauline Chambers said...

I too found this through Cake Wrecks this morning; for a food related service, I helped out a friend with a spaghetti dinner raising money for orphans and abandoned children in Colombia, does that count? I will also be helping our local shelter serve Christmas dinner to the homeless this year...even though that will be after the contest ends...oh yeah, and I just linked to the contest in my facebook status!

JuliaKoponick said...

@NiteNurse....I have twins who were NICU babies, and I bless every lactation consultant who ever worked with us. In the end they both became champion nursers, and ever did tandem nursing. I never would have gotten to that without a series of great lactation consultants who worked with us until they were almost 5 months old. Thanks for all you do!!

@Roseanne, I think fudge is always good, but free fudge comes without so much work, so I think that adds some good feelings to go with the tummy taste!!

@Pauline and Anne Marie - Thanks for all the service you do and will do in the future!! It will be fun to see how many great stories we hear about what people are doing in their own community.

Check back each day for more chances to comment and win!!


Elizabeth said...

I saw your post on CakeWrecks and came over to check your blog out.

You remind me of a very dear older man in my home church who used to make fudge every year as Christmas presents for everyone. He had it down to a science! He leveled the pans so all the pieces would be even, used a ruler to score and cut them, and wrapped each piece individually. He's in heaven with Jesus now - but I bet he's making some awesome fudge up there!

My family and I always make boxes for Operation Christmas Child - they send boxes of toys & essential items (think soap, toothbrushes) etc. to children in other countries who don't have anything. You're not allowed to send food in those boxes, but we always donate a couple of bags full of groceries to our local food bank during the month of December.

Keep up the service, and keep encouraging others to do so too! :)

Elizabeth said...

Also, I'm posting about this on Facebook! :)

Elizabeth C. said...

I also jumped over from Cakewrecks.

My food-related service to others was very difficult this year, as I lost my father to cancer on November 11th. (He was diagnosed on November 4th and was only 52.) However, I know he would have wanted the tradition of sharing that he instilled in me to continue despite the grieving.

I live in a town with a community college that my husband and I both attended and for several years after I graduated I had many friends who still attended. Most of these friends were from out of town and were living in the area for school (most on the speech team). I hated (and still hate) the idea of being alone on Thanksgiving, so I started doing something we have dubbed "vagabond Thanksgiving" - a dinner for the "family" members that don't have an actual family or can't make it home for the weekend. This year we hosted 20+people for the meal, card games, desserts, and even some black friday shopping. Though it was a little somber at times, my brothers, mother, and I were all sure that it was what Dad would have wanted - the whole strange vagabond crew together again.

BlackWidowNor said...

Saw this on CakeWrecks and had to come see! Pretty cool passing out fudge. I've done something similar. This spring I gave away three custom decorated birthday cakes to families who wouldn't otherwise get cakes - Made three families very very happy!.

Sariah said...

Count me in as another person from Cake Wrecks. Ahhh, Cake Wrecks... bringing the world together...

Your fudge looks A. MAZE. ING. I have only made it once, a few Christmases ago. It was surprisingly easy and tasted really good, but I love the fudge I get from other people better than what I make. Maybe it's just that getting a treat from someone else. I don't know.

My son is learning about service right now for church and Cub Scouts. He gets to pick a project and carry it out, then teach us (his family) about the benefits of service. We're going to make dinner and dessert for another family. Some of the best service involves food. Yummmm...

JuliaKoponick said...

@Sariah I love Cub Scouts, in a few years Boy Scouts will be fun too! My youngest daughter has the middle name Sariah....it is fun to see someone else that has it. :-)

Donna M. said...

Came over from Cake Wrecks for some fudge :)

Posted on my facebook: www.facebook.com/FarfalleAlfredo

I don't know if this is food related or not..but I work in a grocery/drug combo store. Last week we had a blind gentleman shopping with his wife. I helped them get around the store and do their shopping.

If that doesn't count, once a month I buy treats for my church kids club :)

If I win the fudge, I plan to share with my co-workers :)

Amanda said...

I saw your comment on my friend Katie's blog, and fudge is totally a weakness of mine...

And for the Christmas season, we always make goody plates and leave them anonymously on people's doorsteps. We love to spread some Christmas cheer!

Mark & Susanne Kelley said...

I think I'll give Julia a nudge,
In hopes that she'll make me some fudge,
It won't go to my hips,
Once it passes my lips,
But it'll add just a bit to my pudge.

Emily Robison said...

I saw your comment on "Notes from a very red kitchen"
I love fudge! Thanks for the giveaway! I now follow on GFC

JuliaKoponick said...

I love the poem Mark! Thanks for adding me Emily, and keep an eye out for the next 9 days for other ways to enter. (I may even choose more than 3 winners if we get over 100 entries!)


Stephanie and Todd said...

I am now a follower of your blog! I sure hope I win :)

MommatoSkyler said...

I am now following your blog, yummy fudge!!

maygan said...

WOW- your fudge looks so amazing, I'm actually drooling over the photos. count me in as a follower!

Anonymous said...

I followed you from Cakewrecks, too! I'm a fudge maker, as well (though, not nearly to your extent), and would love to try a sample of yours!

I posted the link on Facebook - my wall, plus two Freebie pages, so hopefully you'll get lots of new followers.

NiteNurse said...

Hi Julia! Glad to hear you and your twins made it through the NICU experience with lots of support. That's awesome. We are having more and more births of multiples. How old are your twins?

I'm enjoying reading the great stories others are sharing here.

JuliaKoponick said...

My twins are 8 now. If you scroll down through some of my blog posts you can see pictures of the kids from Thanksgiving day. The twins are making snow angels. :-)


NiteNurse said...

Love snow angels!! (which is good because I live in the frozen tundra )

NiteNurse said...

Love snow angels!! (which is good because I live in the frozen tundra )

JuliaKoponick said...

@NiteNurse - "This is Kat, one of the twins. I made it through the NICU, and you can tell cause I am right here, right now. I am so happy because my mom helped me make it through the hospital so I can stay with her and my daddy. Thanks for being a NICU nurse."

My twins were very happy to have someone interested in them.

Sarah says: "Hi, I am Sarah. I am the older twinner, but just by three minutes. So, if you are wondering about me, I am doing quite fine. Thanks for being a NICU nurse too. Where do you live? Could I have your email address so we could be penpals? You can email my mom at koponick@comcast.net if you want to be pen pals with me and my sister."

susitravl said...

Follow via GFC