Monday, December 14, 2009

A Little Hilarity

Being a mom can be tiring, challenging, fun, uplifting, and oftentimes hilarious. This last weekend, the hilarious seems to be bubbling up. Here are a few vignettes.
Joshua has eczema. It is itchy, and it the medicine is starting to work, but with all the very cold air, it is still spreading. He has a hard time not itching it. This morning Josh was itching his leg, and I asked him if he needed more lotion. He told me that he was okay, that he just needed to get a few more layers of skin moved around, and then he thought the itching would end. I asked him why he thought that, and he told me that since it was spreading but that some of it was getting better, that he thought it was wiggling around his body, and that he hoped it would wiggle somewhere that wouldn’t itch.
Kat came and gave me a kiss a few days ago. She had put some lip gloss on, and was disappointed that it didn’t leave a lipstick kiss mark. She asked me if I would stay still, so she could go put more on and try again. I told her that it still wasn’t going to leave a lipstick mark that you could see, but that I could feel it on my cheek. She was very pleased at that and left the room. A few minutes later I heard her telling Sarah that she had put a disappearing ink kiss on me, and that was the best kind of magic. It still makes me smile to think about it.
The kids were part of the nativity scene at the ward party. All of the kids in the ward were part of it, and they were asked to bring whatever costumes they wanted. Some of the kids were just in jeans and t-shirts and other kids were in full costume. Kat and Josh each brought blankets, and Sarah brought her purple bathrobe. Joshua led the parade of kids holding the star, which was hanging from a fishing pole. When the bishop was talking to Sarah after it was done, she told him that Kat was an angel, and that she was a person in a purple bathrobe. Gotta love how literal Sarah can still be.

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