Monday, December 21, 2009

The meaning of Christmas

Tonight we delivered the presents to one of the families that we adopted. The twins and Josh went with me, and they helped carry the presents and food in. Then, they handed out the presents to each of the kids.

The nine-year-old in the family kept saying, "Are these really for me?" Josh told her that not all of the gifts were new, but that they were all things for her, and that he hoped she liked them. She then asked the kids why all the presents said they were from Jesus. Kat told her that since it was Christ's birthday, that we would have given the presents to Jesus, but since He wants us to share we were giving the presents to them instead. Josh added that we love Jesus, and He teaches us to love other people and serve them. Sarah them piped in with the thought that service means doing things for other people, even if you don't know them.

As we drove home all three kids told me that they felt warm inside, and that they were glad that they got to help other people. Sarah said that she felt like Jesus was there giving us all a hug.

As a mom, nights like tonight are my payday. I hope that when I look back at my life, that there will be more times like this, or that these times will at least be the ones I remember.

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RC said...

Julia,thank you so much for visiting my blog.Happy Holidays!