Friday, December 11, 2009


Some days I just feel overwhelmed. It isn't debilitating, and it doesn't stop me from doing things, but it certainly makes me wish that life were simpler. Usually I just get on with life, but today I thought I would share what is overwhelming me.

1) Maddy is almost out of thickener. It has already been ordered, but it might not arrive before we run out. I left a message for the feeding clinic to see if there is somewhere that we can buy a few days worth in the Portland area. If there is, I will need to go pick it up, hopefully before the snow/freezing rain hits.

2) Which leads to the fact that we are supposed to get snow/freezing rain. I love snow, I love playing in it, watching it fall, and the peace that comes from walking as the snow falls to earth. I do not love freezing rain. Snow I can drive in, freezing rain I do NOT drive in. It is dangerous, and I am always worried about anyone who has to go out in it.

3) Michael is enjoying his new job, but he comes home exhausted. There are a lot of things he is learning, and so by the time he gets home, his brain is already fried. I am glad that he has a great new job, but it will be nice when he is feeling more comfortable with it, and a little less grumpy when he gets home.

4) I go see the infectious disease specialist this afternoon. Some of the lab results are supposed to come back this morning. Either we will have a clear idea of where we are going, or we will know what tests we need to run now, but in some ways I am not sure I want to know. It could be great news, that we know what is wrong and it is easily fixed. It could be okay news, that we know what it is and the treatment isn't easy, but it is treatable. It could be bad news, that we know what it is and it isn't treatable, and I will always be in this pain. Or it could be more waiting, not sure what is wrong, but knowing that something is wrong and we have to keep trying to find out what it is.

Okay, there is more stuff, but it is either small stuff (I am almost out of clean underwear) or stuff everyone deals with (like I hate the extra 5 pounds I have gained since I got sick and haven't been able to exercise). I get a few hours for a nap, and I am going to take it! (Thanks Anna for taking Maddy!)


Mike K said...

Julia, you are a beautiful person with a lot to give.

Don't worry.. my brain won't be as friend since it is in a good exercise program. The last place made my brain lazy and somewhat unusable.

The results from the doctor will be what they are. The Lord gives only what we can handle.

Kathy Haynie said...

Sending a hug. I'd love to have a call after your doctor appointment, if you want to call.