Monday, January 25, 2010

Maddy with HER bunny!

Bunny kisses, or at least Maddy is trying.

Maddy with both of her bunnies!

The bunny bringing Maddy her box, what a trick!

Maddy must smell like something yummy!

Taking a play break! It is hard work to be so in love!!

This is part of why Maddy loves going to Anna's house. She gets to play with her bunnies almost every time she goes there!

Thanks for taking all the great pics Anna!!


The Wades said...

is it just me...or are those bunnies as BIG as Maddie?? :-) Very cute pictures..thanks for posting them!

Stephanie and Todd said...

Holy HUGE Bunnies!! Those things were the same size as Maddy!! Still very cute though!!

Katie said...

What a cutie. And seriously, those are some pretty huge bunnies.

Kathy Haynie said...

I agree! Darling photos, huge bunnies. Maddy looks like she's in her element!

JuliaKoponick said...

The bunnies are actually normal size, Maddy is just on the dwarf end of babies. lol She sure loves them though, and they are very cute together!

Dorothy said...

Oh, how sweet!! We walk past a house several days a week that usually has bunnies just hopping around in the yard. We like looking for them every time we pass by. I'm glad Maddie gets to play with bunnies often. It's easy to see why she likes them so much. :)

Hillary said...

Maddy is being dwarfed by those huge bunnies! So cute. How fun!