Thursday, January 7, 2010

Studying the Book of Mormon

This year for Christmas, Michael and I gave each other the study guides for the Book of Mormon. It is the book they use for teaching Book of Mormon in Institute. While I remember a fair amount of my seminary lessons on the Book of Mormon, that was my freshman year, which was nineteen years ago now. It seemed like a good time to have a year devoted to the more in depth study of the "cornerstone of our religion."

I am really enjoying all of the information, as well as the study suggestions and questions that come with it. I have been reading the study guide, then reading the Book of Mormon chapters, then going back and rereading the study guide. I am still at the beginning of 1 Nephi, but am finding that I am having insights that are helping my daily life, and teaching me things I didn't know before. Considering how many times I have read these chapters in my life, that is pretty exciting for me.

So, my thought for tonight is, Am I ready to follow the Lord's commands? Do I KNOW that He will not give me a commandment without already having a way prepared for me to do it? Am I ready to GO and DO?

I hope so, and I hope that I am in tune enough, that I will hear the promptings when they come, and that I will follow them without fear! I am on the lookout for those opportunities, and I know that Lord will send me His most choice experiences as I accept His challenges!

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Kathy Haynie said...

Impressive! I am inspired by your faith. Thank you for the boost.